Macbook Resource Booking Filter Panel

Booking filter and search feature now available

It’s no secret that FoxOMS manages tens of thousands of bookings for our customers day to day operations. Each of those bookings also has plenty of additional metadata, such as which project it belongs to, what the current status is and who the name of the client is. One of our most requested features has been to add the ability to filter bookings, so that all bookings related only to a specific project are shown.

Booking Filter

FoxOMS 2.1.11 adds a new search and filtering panel, conveniently located in the ‘cog’ menu of the scheduler. Version 2.1.11 has also added the status and client names to the Quick Info panel (shown when single clicking bookings). Status and Clients fields are also now part of the Excel spreadsheet export option. We’ve also improved the loading time of the scheduler and fixed a few obscure bugs.

Please let us know what you think by filling out a feedback form within FoxOMS or contact us here.