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We have lift off, FoxOMS 2.0 launches into the cloud(s)

Why was FoxOMS created?

When FoxOMS originally made its debut in 2010, it quickly became clear that there was a strong demand for user-friendly, affordable resource scheduling software. Existing solutions geared towards the live and post production markets were ludicrously expensive, and it was not uncommon to pay 6 figure sums for a solution that still looked like it belonged in the 90’s.

FoxOMS filled that gap neatly, however due to some early (and in retrospect poor) technical design decisions, it quickly grew to a scale that was difficult to maintain and update. We decided to start with a clean slate and rewrite the code and database from scratch so that updates could be pushed out nightly and scaled across multiple servers. We also did extensive industry consultation to find out what our customers loved (and what they didn’t) to make sure FoxOMS 2.0 would be a success.

Where are we today?

FoxOMS 2.0 was written from the ground up to take advantage of the latest web technologies, provide mobile device compatibility and redesign the underlying architecture to improve scalability. We’re very proud to annouce that FoxOMS 2.0 successfully launched over the weekend, a culmination of more than 2 and a half years of software development.

FoxOMS 2.0 features a completely redesigned schedule, the ability to split resources across multiple schedules, enhanced project management, task management, custom groups, security and access controls, calendar feeds and file cloud storage. We went back to our customers to find out what parts of FoxOMS were important to them and how we could build on that. Our customers gave us excellent feedback on how to improve FoxOMS, and so far our early adopters have been very happy with how FoxOMS has modernised. A complete list of features can be found on our website.

What does the future hold?

The roadmap is also looking very exciting, with nightly bug fixes and regular monthly feature releases planned. Please stay tuned for more exciting annoucements.

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