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Completely Custom Quotes & Invoices with Templates

Your companies brand is unique, and your unique style should ideally be conveyed across all mediums, including your quotes and invoices. We’re really excited that today’s FoxOMS update includes a new feature to create custom quote and invoice templates. These templates allow you to make all kinds of changes to how your quotes (and invoices) generated from your resource schedule look and print.

The changes you make can be subtle such as changing the font and text size. However you can also make major customisations that completely change the layout, look and feel of the quote or invoice. You can also use HTML and CSS code in your templates to allow virtually limitless styling capabilities.

More customisations with Quote and Invoice Email Templates

We’ve also introduced customisable email templates for sending quotes and invoices directly from FoxOMS. These new email templates allow you to customise the copy of the email sent to clients when you submit a quote or invoice. You can use special metadata tags to ensure information such as the total amount of a quote, or the due date of an invoice is injected directly into the email body. We’ve got some great documentation on how to customise your email templates on our help site.

Here to help

Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you need any assistance with your CSS customisations or your email templates!

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