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Invoice your booking's expenses with Work Orders

One of the greatest challenges in running a successful business is accurately billing your customers for expenses you’ve incurred in the process of delivering your service. Lots of expenses, (even little ones) can add up quickly, and failing to include them on your invoice can greatly impact on your profit margin.

Invoicing for Bookings in FoxOMS

FoxOMS already includes the ability to define how much you’d like to charge hourly and daily for your resources through our Rate Schemes feature. The ability to create a quote or invoice from a booking with just a single click is a great feature of FoxOMS.

In 2019 we also introduced the ability to add the extra things you’d like to bill for in our “Billable Items” module. These billable items can be quickly and easily added to quotes and invoices. However, up until now, there hasn’t been a way to track the billable items that were incurred in the process of delivering individual bookings.

Today we take billable items one step further, with a new booking feature called Work orders.

What are Work Orders?

Work orders allow billable items to be added directly to a booking, without the need to create a quote or invoice first. This work order can be used to automatically generate a quote or invoice that includes incidental costs you’d like to pass onto the client.

Some examples of booking expense’s you might like to track are fee’s for transcoding services, delivery and courier charges and catering service costs.

FoxOMS Work Orders Screen

How can I access the Work Order feature?

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To open the new work orders section, single click on the desired booking on the resource scheduler to open the quick actions overlay menu, and then click on the “$” work order button submenu.

This will open the work order panel lightbox on which you can add billable item’s that directly relate to the booking you’re working on. These billable items will automatically be added to any quotes and invoices that you generate from this booking.

Create accurate quotes and invoices

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