About Us

The story behind who created FoxOMS and why it was created in the first place

FoxOMS is developed by Tim Mohr. He originally created it to solve the booking headaches of a busy post production facility that relied on a paper based booking system.

Over the years, the interest (and features) in FoxOMS had grown significantly and after a complete rewrite, FoxOMS 2.0 was released to the world.

Today FoxOMS is a stable platform trusted by some of the worlds biggest production companies to store their bookings, produce their projects and manage their resources.

We also offer migration and integration services

Free Migration of your Data*

If you're considering moving to FoxOMS and need a hand migrating your existing contact, project and booking data across, we can help! We've helped a number of clients move from their scheduling systems and ensure all their data makes it safely to FoxOMS.

Affordable Integration Services

We offer affordable professional services for integrating FoxOMS with a third party system. We'll help you succeed by allowing you to optimise your workflows and maximise your efficiencies with clever automation.

FoxOMS is operated by Nevario Pty Ltd.

East Gosford
NSW Australia

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