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New Booking logs make it simple to view the complete history of your schedule and bookings

Having the ability to view audit trails and see a booking's history is crucial to building and maintaining confidence in your scheduling system. In January, we enabled logging of changes made to bookings via the Schedule and the FoxOMS API.

Booking Preview Window with history tab

In 2020.9.0 we’ve improved the logs that are captured, and we’ve built a new Booking History interface that shows these logs in an easy to read, vertical timeline.

We’ve also made several other major improvements to the Booking Preview window which now displays even more relevant information about your bookings.

How do I open the Booking Preview window?

If you’re unfamiliar with the booking window, you can open it by single clicking on any booking on the schedule to open the “Quick Info Panel”, and then clicking on the little “modal” icon button, as shown by the red arrow in the screenshot below.

FoxOMS Quick Info Booking Preview Button

How can I see a Booking’s History?

The booking preview window is great for quickly getting a complete overview of all the different components that make up a booking and now includes the Booking History timeline, which is effectively a log of who did what to a booking.

FoxOMS Quick Info Booking Preview Button

To view a Booking’s history, simply click the “History” collapsable menu and the log will be displayed. Basic booking logs are available for most bookings created from February 2020, and more detailed logging is occurring for bookings created or changed from early September 2020.

Load project details directly into the booking

The booking preview window helps save you time and mouse clicks, by pulling in useful information from other FoxOMS modules. For example, if you’ve linked your booking to a project, you can now view that project’s information from directly within the booking.

FoxOMS Booking Preview Project Summary

Similarly, if you’ve linked the booking to a client, their contact information will also be shown with a single click, a great time saver if you need to reach out to them.

FoxOMS Client Contact information

Any work orders, quotes and invoices that were generated for or by the booking can also be previewed.

FoxOMS Booking Preview Invoice Summary

Final Thoughts

We hope you like the recent enhancements we’ve made to the Booking History feature as well as booking previews, and that you find them useful in your day to day workflows. You can find more information about the Booking Preview feature in our User Documentation.

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