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Accelerated Scheduling

Get a complete overview all of your resources and bookings on one screen and quickly identify booking clashes or underutilised resources.

Project Management

Track all of the bookings, files, people, quotes and invoices that make up your productions, recording sessions, TV series and other projects.

Quoting and Invoicing

Complete customisation of quote & invoice templates and the ability to define detailed rate card & discount policies for all of your resources.

Detailed Reporting

See how your business is, with detailed and customisable reports tracking metrics such as hours and days booked as well as revenue reporting.

Super simple, yet surprisingly powerful and intuitive scheduling

Our clients love seeing all of their bookings, resources and projects on one screen, the complete studio overview.

FoxOMS features a unique slide out sidebar editor, so you can make quick changes to bookings without leaving the schedule.

The schedule features 13 different views, including timeline, calendar and grid views. Organise your resources across multiple different schedules, great for multi site businesses.

Calendar feeds can be imported into your favorite mobile and desktop calendar apps giving you the best of both worlds.


Deliver productions, sessions, series and projects on time, every time

Our clients love the ability to group bookings by project, giving a great overview on what your resources are working on.

Track any information specific to your business, by creating unlimited custom fields in the project module.

See which bookings are missing invoices and bulk quote & invoice on a whole series of bookings within a project.

Upload and share files with members of the project and give access to everyone or restrict to certain users

Generate professional customised quotes and invoices in seconds

Our clients love the 'one-click' generated quotes and invoices directly from bookings on the schedule.

Setup rate card policies for all of your resources as well as flexible adjustments that can apply additional pricing or discounts based on client, project, time, date and overtime hours.

Customise the look and layout of quotes and invoices, using invoice templates.

Send PDFs of quotes & invoices directly to clients within the FoxOMS invoice editor.

Get deep and useful insights into your business with reports

Our clients love the visibility into how their business is running

Quickly see variances between hours & days booked vs quoted and actual invoiced time at a resource level.

View total quoted and invoiced at a project and individual client level.

See if you are hitting targets by seeing total quoted and invoiced broken down by weeks and months.

Build custom integrations with your other software and workflow tools, using our developer API

Our clients love taking control of their data and using it create smarter workflows that save time and money.

The FoxOMS Developer REST API gives you access to all of your data in standard JSON format. Take control of your data and create bookings, projects and invoices programatically to fit your workflow.

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30 Day Risk Free Trial

We offer a 30 day full featured free trial, no credit card required. If you decide FoxOMS is right for you, we'll upgrade your account so all of your data remains.

The Cloud Advantage

FoxOMS runs in the cloud so there's zero maintenance or upgrades to worry about. FoxOMS works in all modern browsers across various OS's including macOS, Windows and Linux.

Stellar Support

We're a small company and proud of it, so when you reach out for support you'll hear from someone who's intimately familiar with the codebase.

Fast and Responsive

FoxOMS is written in a fast and responsive modern web language and uses a high performance database. Everything runs on SSD for maximum snappiness!


No matter how big or small your business, we have a plan to suit. Custom packages available on request.


$39 AUD/month

  • 5 User Accounts
  • 10 Resources
  • 1 Schedule
  • Unlimited Bookings, Projects, Quotes and Invoices
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Small Business

$79 AUD/month

  • 10 User Accounts
  • 20 Resources
  • 2 Schedules
  • Unlimited Bookings, Projects, Quotes and Invoices
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Large Business

$299 AUD/month

  • 40 User Accounts
  • 80 Resources
  • 5 Schedules
  • Unlimited Bookings, Projects, Quotes and Invoices
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$599 AUD/month

  • 80 User Accounts
  • 200 Resources
  • 15 Schedules
  • Unlimited Bookings, Projects, Quotes and Invoices
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Custom Pricing

  • 100+ User Accounts
  • 500+ Resources
  • 20+ Schedules
  • Unlimited Bookings, Projects, Quotes and Invoices
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We pride ourselves on providing fast, honest and friendly answers to your questions. We are also one of the few companies where you are in direct contact with our software developers, so you can be sure you are getting correct and timely information. Please use our contact form to get in touch.

Support Resources

User Documentation

Useful for people new to FoxOMS who want to setup and configure an instance for their business.

Developer API Documentation

A complete and detailed overview of the FoxOMS REST Developer API including example code.

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If you need help with any aspect of FoxOMS, please create a new ticket in our suppport system.

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