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Complete access to your data, FoxOMS Developer REST API Launched

Today we’re announcing the biggest feature addition to FoxOMS since December 2015… the exciting addition of the FoxOMS Developer REST API.

The FoxOMS REST API gives you direct access to all the data you need, including your bookings, tasks, projects, quotes, invoices (and much more). We’ve adopted industry best practices and standards (including using the JSON format) to ensure you and your developers can get up to speed quickly.

It is now possible to design flexible workflows and create incredible integrations between FoxOMS and the many fantastic services that also offer APIs.

Sounds great, where is the documentation?

An API is only as good as its documentation, which is why we have put a lot of time into documenting all the endpoints and features the FoxOMS API has to offer. For example, it is quick and easy to add filtering parameters to your request, so that you only receive the data you actually need, saving us (and you) bandwidth and processing time. You can also restrict the fields returned, which often results in faster responses and less overhead for your application.

How can I get started?

To communicate with the API, you’ll need to set up an authentication token which you can do from your Admin -> Api Keys page.

If you’re eager to get your hands dirty, you can head straight over to Each endpoint is well documented with details on how the requests should be formatted, the attributes of the results returned and an example of the data returned to get you going.

This is just the beginning

The FoxOMS API is still in BETA and is currently only READ only, although full CRUD (create, read, update, delete) will be implemented over the coming months. If you’ve got a particular integration you’d like to implement, please get into contact with us so that we can prioritise adding the endpoints you require.

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