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Ever wonder why existing resource scheduling solutions are so convoluted? Or why you have to pay serious dollars for something that looks like it came straight from the 90’s…? Well we did, so we built FoxOMS.

FoxOMS is a clean and fresh approach to room and resource post production scheduling software, that helps you plan and manage your facilities, staff and equipment with ease. Best of all FoxOMS is hosted in the cloud and is available where you want it, when you want it and for a price you can afford!

Scheduling Features

Professional and Beautiful Resource Scheduling Software

Top Features

Resource Scheduling features you’ll love

Timeline Scheduling

See all of your rooms, equipment, staff and other resources on a single timeline with day, week and month views

Live Booking Editor

Create and edit your bookings seamlessly on the brand new scheduler. See your changes update live and use powerful drag, slide and trim features to tweak your resource and room bookings.

Multiple Schedules

Create multiple schedules and customise the resources for each. Great for larger or multi-site companies where resources can be grouped per building or department.

Calendar Feed

FoxOMS syncs resource and room bookings to your Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple Calendar.

Export Options

Export PDFs or Excel spreadsheets directly from the schedule.

Custom Booking Statuses

Booking Statuses have unlimited user definable colors, making finding bookings easy. Statuses can also control the sending of notifications, useful for pencilling in bookings that need to be confirmed.

Grid Schedule

The grid schedule gives you a complete rundown list of whats happening,

Booking Clash Detection

FoxOMS prompts and visually shows you exactly where booking clashes are occurring so you can resolve them.

Recurring Bookings

Need a booking that happens every Wednesday and Friday for the next 6 months? FoxOMS has a powerful recurring booking generator that makes it easy!

Link Bookings to Projects

Add links to projects from your bookings so everyone can stay up to date with what is happening!

Email Notifications

When changes are made to bookings or tasks, everyone associated receives an email notification showing exactly what changed

Add Clients to Bookings

Easily assign a contact, person or organization as a client to any booking

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Works on All Your Devices

How flexible is your current resource scheduling solution? FoxOMS is web based scheduling software and offers true cross platform compatibility, working in all modern web browsers including the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

FoxOMS works on all major operating systems, including Mac, Windows and Linux as well as on many of your favourite devices including iPads, iPhones, Android and Windows tablets. FoxOMS lets you work anywhere there is an internet connection, allowing you to stay on-top of your studios resource scheduling where and when you want.

Schedule Everything from One Screen

FoxOMS features a unique sliding out sidebar editor, that lets you make changes to all of a bookings parameters without leaving the schedule. The sidebar editor appears when you drag out a new booking or double click an existing one.

Make advanced changes to a booking’s recurring cycle, add more resources, specify an exact end time or assign a different custom booking status can all achieved with the unique FoxOMS sidebar editor.

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