Resource Planning for Creative's

The best software for scheduling your rooms, people and equipment.

Featuring a supercharged calendar with an astonishing number of views

Keep your schedule & resources organised

Clearly see all of your resources and bookings on a single pane of glass. Neatly organise your resources into ordered, collapsable groups that help you avoid information overload.

Clearly see all bookings and clashes

FoxOMS features 7 different and unique horizontal timeline time-scales, so you can view room bookings at an hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly level.

Customise the layout of resources

Configure your resources with unique icons, descriptions and colours helping to quickly identify them and speeding up the entire booking creation process.

Live schedule updates, no refresh needed

We use cutting edge browser technologies to push out live changes to bookings on all connected schedules. Bookings automatically appear and update without the need to refresh the browser.

Fast switching between multiple schedules

Split resources across multiple independent schedules, perfect for businesses operating across multiple sites around the world. Also useful for companies with a very large number of resources.

Fine grained access control to schedule's

Protect your business's sensitive data and give everyone just the right level of access to schedules and bookings. Group based access controls automatically limit the creation, editing & deletion of bookings.

Quickly create bookings that capture all the details

Add multiple resources to a single booking

Add all of the resources required for a booking, whether it's people, rooms, equipment or anything else you want to schedule.

Link project, client & custom statuses

Out of the box, FoxOMS gives you the fields you need to organise bookings within projects, attach clients and link custom booking statuses.

Extend your data with Custom Fields

Every business is different... capture any data you need with user defined custom fields. Seamlessly add text and select menus to bookings.

Export your bookings, share your schedules & automate your workflows

Check out our export and integration options

ICS Calendar Feeds

Synchronise bookings from FoxOMS directly into your Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook or more other third party calendar apps.

Excel / CSV Exports

Multiple bookings can be exported to Excel (XLSX) and CSV formats with several formatting, filtering and refinement options.

PDF Exports

Generate portrait or landscape outputs of the Schedule in PDF format. The booking datatables can also be exported to PDF.

Print Bookings

Simple and extended print options allow you to print individual bookings with just the right amount of information.

Zapier Integration

Connect FoxOMS with more than 2000+ third party online services and apps with our realtime Zapier connector, great for automating workflows.

REST Developer API

Build your own automation workflows and integrations with our comprehensive Developer REST API.

Who uses FoxOMS Resource Scheduling?

FoxOMS is used by Post Production Houses, Recording Studios, Film Studios, VFX Shops, Production Companies, Rental Companies and Creative Agencies in 30 countries around the world.

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Support Resources

User Help Documentation

Useful for anyone new to FoxOMS and those setting up and administrating a FoxOMS instance for a business.

Developer API Documentation

A complete and detailed overview of the FoxOMS REST Developer API including code samples and integration tips.

Create a New Support Ticket

If you need help with any aspect of FoxOMS, or you just want to find out more information, please create a new ticket in our support system.