Expanding Custom Fields

Expanding Custom Fields to more modules

This month we’ve been busy releasing a whole set of improvements and bug fixes. I thought I’d quickly take you through some of the important features which I think will greatly improve FoxOMS for your business, so lets dive in.

Custom Fields are being expanded to more modules

For those not quite familiar with custom fields, they are simply a way to add additional information to forms in FoxOMS. They allow you to capture data that is important and specific to your companies operations. For example, if your wanted to track various camera formats that a project is shot on, you would create a custom field menu with the values, RED, Alexa, DSLR etc. It’s a really useful way of capturing the information that would normally be buried deep in a group email conversation.

Custom Fields

Unfortunately previously custom fields have been limited to being only added to projects and we’ve had many feature requests to expand their reach throughout FoxOMS.

Last month we enabled custom fields on all bookings, allowing you to capture important daily information in a neat and structured way. Next month we’ll also be rolling it out to the “People” and “Organisations” modules. This means information such as actor rates, supplier codes and categories can be recorded. We also have plans to add custom fields to quotes and invoices so things like PO numbers can be tracked.

Quote and Invoice Email Templates

FoxOMS Email TemplatesWe know your company is unique and the way you communicate to your customers should always reflect your own brands style. That’s why we introduced customisable email templates for sending quotes and invoices directly from FoxOMS. Email templates ensure information such as the total amount of a quote or the due date of an invoice  is injected directly into the email body. This powerful feature is tucked away in Admin -> Module Settings -> Sale Settings -> Email Templates.

We added more “tags” that will be transformed with unique quote or invoice data, when the email is generated. We also extended customisability to the subject line so now every component of the email can be fully customised.

Great support is our number one priority

If you’re trialing FoxOMS, please feel free to reach out to our support team at anytime. You can create bug and feature requests from within FoxOMS, or create a ticket here.