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FoxOMS Features

Add Clients to Bookings

Easily assign a contact, person or organization as a client to any booking


FoxOMS API gives you access to your own data and allows you to code your own integrations and workflows

Booking Clash Detection

FoxOMS prompts and visually shows you exactly where booking clashes are occurring so you can resolve them.

Calendar Feed

FoxOMS syncs resource and room bookings to your Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple Calendar.

Client Adjustments

Automatically apply additional discounts or charges for one or more clients and organizations

Cloud Hosted

FoxOMS is hosted in the cloud so you don't have to worry about buying or maintaining servers or other equipment and infrastructure!

Contact Manager

FoxOMS stores your clients, contractors and related companies for easy access anytime.

Cross Platform Support

FoxOMS is web based software and is supported on Mac, PC and Linux systems.

Custom Booking Statuses

Booking Statuses have unlimited user definable colors, making finding bookings easy. Statuses can also control the sending of notifications, useful for pencilling in bookings that need to be confirmed.

Custom Branding

Make FoxOMS your own by uploading your company logo creating a more consistent experience for your staff and clients

Custom Fields

Extend project forms to suite your requirements with custom text, number or select menu inputs.

Email Notifications

When changes are made to bookings or tasks, everyone associated receives an email notification showing exactly what changed

Export Options

Export PDFs or Excel spreadsheets directly from the schedule.

File Uploads

Upload photos, documents or other files directly to projects and keep everything neatly organised and accessible by your team.

Grid Schedule

The grid schedule gives you a complete rundown list of whats happening,

Hourly Adjustments

Apply discounts or additional charges on bookings that fall within certain hours. For example "After Hours Discount"

Hourly and Daily Billing

Choose if you wish to bill by the hour, daily or a combination of both

Link Bookings to Projects

Add links to projects from your bookings so everyone can stay up to date with what is happening!

Live Booking Editor

Create and edit your bookings seamlessly on the brand new scheduler. See your changes update live and use powerful drag, slide and trim features to tweak your resource and room bookings.


Milestones are a great way to visualise your goals and can be linked to projects.

Mobile Device Compatible

Built using adaptive HTML5 technology, FoxOMS is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices including most larger screen iOS (including iPads), Android and Windows mobile devices.

Multiple Languages

FoxOMS is currently available in English and German, and we are adding more languages all the time

Multiple Schedules

Create multiple schedules and customise the resources for each. Great for larger or multi-site companies where resources can be grouped per building or department.

Powerful Access Control

Group based permissions schemes give you the ultimate in flexibility and control over who can see and do what in FoxOMS.

Print and PDF Invoices

Print or download PDF's of quotes and invoices directly from the invoice editor

Private Projects

Projects can be set to 'Private' so only people you invite can see and participate.

Project Activity Feed

Stay up to date with changes to projects with a quick summary of recent changes on the project dashboard.

Project Conversations

Conversations automatically notify all team members working on your project, taking the hassle out of group emails.

Project Management

The powerful project management module integrates tightly with bookings and tasks keeping everyone in your studio on the same page

Project Roles

Assign roles like 'Director', 'Editor', 'Sound Designer' to your project team so everyone knows who is doing what.

Project Team Members

Quickly add individual people or entire groups to projects to visualise and communicate with your team.

Quotes to Invoices

Convert your approved quotes to real invoices in one click

Quotes/Invoices from Bookings

Create one click quotes or invoices from one or more bookings, with additional charges and discounts automatically calculated

Recurring Bookings

Need a booking that happens every Wednesday and Friday for the next 6 months? FoxOMS has a powerful recurring booking generator that makes it easy!

Resource Organisation

Maximum flexibility to structure your resources within unlimited levels of sub groups.

Sales Dashboard

Keep an eye on your quoting and invoicing totals as well as the resources that are generating the most sales

Seasonal Adjustments

Apply additional fees or discounts on bookings that fall between two dates

Send Invoices

Send quotes and invoices to your clients directly from within FoxOMS

Task Due Dates

Stay on top of deadlines and visualise your priorites with clever due date sorting and countdown timers

Task Lists

Task lists allow you to break down bigger tasks into smaller ones, and keep everything well organised.

Task Management

Plan your day with the new tasks module. Allows delegating to team members and integrates with the project module.

Timeline Scheduling

See all of your rooms, equipment, staff and other resources on a single timeline with day, week and month views

About Us

Fast Support

All our customers have access to our support system where you can expect a response within 12hours.

Feature Requests

We really do listen to feature requests from our clients and have implemented many of our clients requests to make FoxOMS work for them!

Nightly Backups

Have confidence knowing our systems are following industry best practices to protect your data.


We use industry best practices on SSL encryption and enforcing strict access controls

SSD Servers

FoxOMS is hosted on state of the art lightning fast SSD servers, creating a faster more enjoyable experience

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