Sensel Morph

Sensel Morph obliterates $60,000 Kickstarter target

When I first heard about the Sensel Morph being a revolutionary input device, I was a little skeptical. After all the concept of a graphics tablet for digital artists isn’t new, with Wacom tablets being in most graphics and VFX studios. But it quickly became obvious that this wasn’t just another graphics tablet… and it certainly isn’t just for graphics artists. Containing 20,000 pressure sensors, it detects a range of pressures along with multi-touch, allowing it to detect any object like a paintbrush or a drumstick. Sensel allow various different ‘overlays’ to be placed on top of the Morph to transform the device into just about anything. From a piano or computer keyboard right through to an audio mixer or gaming console.

When I saw the paintbrush example I was sold, painting digitally with a real physical paintbrush… genius! The next thought was… why hasn’t this been done already? Anyway, it turns out loads of other people feel the same way and after just 5 days on Kickstarter, Sensel have already raised $256,101… (almost $200K more than their goal of $60,000) and theres still 41 days to go.

You can fund the morph on their Kickstarter page here.