FoxOMS 2.1.7 introduces project cloning

We’ve just pushed version 2.1.7 to our production servers, and this update contains a brand new highly requested feature; project cloning.

Setting up a new project can be a fairly time consuming task, especially when you need to add lots of individuals who aren’t in a custom user group. Project cloning allows you to instantly replicate some of the elements that make up a project, such as the people who’ve been assigned to work on it, into a brand new project. You can also choose to clone values from all the custom fields that have been filled in.

FoxOMS Clone Project


You can also choose to clone a projects files, which create’s a virtual copy of all the files in the new project. This is a great feature because these virtual file copies don’t use any additional disk quota.

Version 2.1.7 also added the project code to the project selection fields throughout the app, making it easier for businesses using the project code feature to quickly and easily find projects using unique codes.

Project Selection Fields


We also made some improvements to the access control features of custom groups, allowing users who only have access to the project module and not the schedule to still see bookings linked to the project within the project bookings tab.

In addition to the new features, 2.1.7 also fixed a whole bunch of bugs in the schedule and project modules. We also moved the “Project manager” to the Admin module under (Admin -> Module Settings -> Project Settings -> Project Manager).

As always, we welcome any feedback you have about this update or FoxOMS in general.